Defending Indiana

What's That Smell?

April 20, 2022 Colleen Brennan and Janice V. Rodriguez/Jesse Kharbanda Season 3 Episode 22
Defending Indiana
What's That Smell?
Show Notes

Colleen and Janice welcome Jesse Kharbanda, the Outgoing Executive Director of the Hoosier Environmental Council.  In this enlightening conversation, Kharbanda explains the challenges of pollution in Indiana (and across the country) and the actions addressing those challenges.

Jesse Kharbanda is the  Outgoing Executive Director of the Hoosier Environmental Council, Indiana’s largest environmental policy organization. Jesse has focused HEC’s initiatives around environmental health & justice, land & water protection, and climate solutions. Jesse has been passionate about expanding the tent of people who care about the environment, and he has been personally involved in forging deeper connections with public health organizations, the business community, and faith-based groups, among other constituencies. Jesse’s leadership honors include being named to the “Forty Under 40″ list by the Indianapolis Business Journal, being recognized as the sole Indianapolis-based community leader in his induction year named to Delta Omega, the national public health honorary, winning the Hulman Health Achievement Award for Public Policy Advocacy, and being awarded with an honorary degree by DePauw University.  Jesse has graduate degrees from Oxford University and undergraduate degrees from the University of Chicago.  On October 7th, 2021, Jesse announced that he will be beginning a new chapter in his career; after seven months helping with his organization's transition, he embarked on that new chapter on May 2, 2022. 

Hosts: Colleen Brennan and Janice V. Rodriguez
Co-Producers: Colleen Brennan and Janice V. Rodriguez
Theme Music: Michael Miltenberger
Sound Editing: Michael Miltenberger

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