Defending Indiana

The Indiana Dunes - Sandy Happiness

June 01, 2022 Colleen Brennan and Janice V. Rodriguez/Paul Labovitz and Eve Wierzbicki Season 3 Episode 25
Defending Indiana
The Indiana Dunes - Sandy Happiness
Show Notes

In this episode, Colleen and Janice want you to imagine watching a stunning sunset over the vast, blue seascape while feeling gentle breezes and sand between your toes.  Would you believe THIS is Indiana?!?!?!  It is and it can be enjoyed regularly at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.  Joined by Superintendent for the National Park Service, Paul Labovitz,  and founder of Dig the Dunes, Eve Wierzbicki, Colleen and Janice confirm there is a slice of paradise in Northwest Indiana. 

Paul Labovitz started his National Park Service career in the Rivers & Trails Program and would go on to serve in Philadelphia, for the Midwest Regional Office at Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, Voyageurs National Park and Mississippi National River & Recreation Area in Minnesota.  Paul has worked on park and protected area projects in over 25 states and in several European countries.  Now 26 years later, Paul serves as Superintendent at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. 

Prior to working for the NPS, Paul was a Forester, Wildlife Biologist and Manager at a 10,000 private property in Southwestern Pennsylvania after earning a BS in Forest Science from The Pennsylvania State University.  He would later receive his MBA from Frostburg State University. 

Paul serves as a strategist on the Urban National Park work group.  Their goal is to reach a new generation of National Park stewards.  He also serves as the Midwest Region's Superintendent Representative to the NPS Tourism Council. 

Eve Wierzbicki started Dig the Dunes because of her love for the area. She began taking photos and posting them on Facebook and found that people really enjoyed seeing where she was every day. After watching her page grow, Eve started writing blog posts, created a website and added much more information for people to discover. Now she enjoys planning events and workshops and getting people out and about all year long. She’s excited to watch Dig the Dunes grow and looks forward to seeing what will happen next!

15:04 Paul Labovitz interview begins

42:10 Eve Wierzbicki interview begins

Hosts: Colleen Brennan and Janice V. Rodriguez
Co-Producers: Colleen Brennan and Janice V. Rodriguez
Theme Music: Michael Miltenberger
Sound Editing: Michael Miltenberger

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